Are Lending Practices Too Strict Now?

On to Part XII of our Complaints Series! Have you tried getting a mortgage lately? It’s harder to obtain now than it was 5 years ago.  Goodbye no-downpayment days, hello put-your-cash-where-your-future-house-is days. You need to show you have good credit, you’re not up to your knees in debt, that you have a steady job, that … More Are Lending Practices Too Strict Now?


What’s wrong with 100% funding?

There’s all kinds of money to be had out there these days: mortgages, loans, crowd funding, angel investing, growth funding, acquisition funding, merging, debt financing, equity financing… but what about 100% financing?  What about getting something for nothing? We’re going strong with our Complaints Series in this newest article. We get a lot of inquiries … More What’s wrong with 100% funding?