Getting Your Movie Funded

An experienced funding group understands that any motion picture can be broken down into three stages of funding before general audiences get the opportunity to see it. The first stage of a motion picture is the development or perhaps acquisition of the intellectual property that will serve as the basis of the film. This intellectual … More Getting Your Movie Funded


The BLT – Not Just Your Lunch Order!

Investors are sometimes asked to provide financing for is “Build, Lease, Transfer” arrangements – “BLT” for short.     In this type of arrangement, a developer designs and builds the complete facility.  Sometimes these facilities are large scale industrial projects such as power plants, airport, ports, etc – and sometimes they are smaller facilities.   … More The BLT – Not Just Your Lunch Order!

Welcome to our new blog!

On behalf of Capital Corp Merchant Banking Orlando, Welcome to our new blog!  Here you will learn about the business world, terms used, how projects can be financed, advice for businesses, and industry trends. We look forward to comments and new and interesting conversations, Capital Corp Merchant Banking Orlando Team